Full Disclosure

“I mean…. full disclosure knowing I may be judged, i do find myself thinking “why did we decide to have children?” Bc…. wtf 😳 that crying baby doll in junior high did NOT prepare me well enough for this shit.”

“I throw my kids’ crafts away when they are asleep. I can’t take all that stuff lying around the house. I mean, we keep some of it too, but a gal can only take so many sparkles, gumdrops, and pretzel sticks glued to paper! Then when they ask where it went, I quickly place the blame back on them. Well, where did you put it? I’m horrible.”

“I used to use going to the bathroom as a break. So cam would watch them and I would stay in there for 20 mins just to get some peace. 😬 I was usually just playing candy crush.”

“I hide thin mints in the frozen veggie bags so that my husband doesn’t find them.. he’ll eat them all.”